My platform is based on principles to ensure that Athens-Clarke and Oconee Counties have a DA’s office that values fair and just prosecution and recognizes people are on all sides of everything we do. The DA is here not to count court victories but to serve and do justice. My DA’s office will be strong but not cruel, effective but not punitive, efficient but not irresponsible with taxpayer dollars, and collaborative with all stakeholders in the system – and that includes YOU.

End Mass Incarceration

  • Ensure Fair and Just Prosecution
  • Increase the Use of Diversion Programs & Accountability Courts
  • End Cash Bail for Low-Level Crime and Low-Risk Offenders
  • Shrink Probation & Parole
  • Reduce Prosecutorial Overcharging

Focus on Serious Crime

  • Target Serious Violent Crimes
  • No Prosecution of Low-level Marijuana Possession
  • No Criminalization of Mental Illness or Drug Addiction
  • No Death Penalty
  • No Prosecution of Women under HB481

Transparency and Accountability 

  • Establish Data & Accountability Taskforce
  • Develop Public Data Portal
  • Be a Good Steward of Taxpayer Dollars
  • Establish a Conviction & Sentencing Review Unit

Develop & Adopt New Smart Justice Policies

  • Establish Restorative Justice Programs in Juvenile & Superior Courts
  • Collaborate with Law Enforcement including Athens Police and ACC and Sheriff Offices.
  • Promote a Culture of Respect for All Stakeholders
  • Address Racial Disparity in the System
  • Invest in Juveniles instead of Prosecuting as Adults
  • Protect YOUR Rights