Meet Deborah

Deborah Gonzalez is a local attorney, wife and mother of two, as well as an advocate for fair justice. She was a former Georgia State Representative of House District 117 (which included Athens-Clarke, Barrow, Jackson and Oconee Counties). During her legislative tenure, Gonzalez served on the Judiciary Non-Civil House Committee where she became known as a skillful questioner, earning her the nickname “The Cross Examiner.” Gonzalez’s reputation as a no-nonsense, people-first legislator led to her being appointed co-chair of the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators’ Taskforce on Criminal Justice and the Law.  Gonzalez is also a published author, most recently of “Managing Online Risks: Apps, Mobile, and Social Media Security.”  

Gonzalez continues to be active in her community working with allies on issues such as criminal justice, racial disparities, restorative justice and juvenile development. This engagement has led Gonzalez to run for the office of District Attorney in the Western Judicial Circuit (Clarke & Oconee Counties) in 2020. 

“It is obvious that our communities are suffering from a criminal justice system that focuses on harsh punishment and not the very human aspect of victims, defendants, and their families. It is leading to broken families and broken people, with consequences felt most keenly by the children who suffer the repercussions throughout their lives.”  Gonzalez, 2019

Gonzalez is ready to tackle criminal justice reform in Athens and Oconee County.  She is ready to protect our community, being strong on violent crime, while not discarding the many who are of little to no threat, but get caught in an overzealous criminal justice system.

Gonzalez is married to Robert “Bob” Scott, a chemistry professor and administrator. They love Athens and are proud to call it their home.