“Deborah is a rare combination of passion and pragmatism. She is smart and determined. She will roll up her sleeves, build coalitions and get the job done.” Joseline A. Peña Melnyk, Maryland State Legislator and former Assistant United States Attorney

“I’m proud to support my friend Deborah Gonzalez for District Attorney. Deborah is an outstanding lawyer with a heart for service and a commitment to justice. She will be strong, fair, and serve her community well. As a former prosecutor, I encourage you to vote for Deborah Gonzalez to be your next District Attorney.” Rep. Scott Holcomb, HD81

“Deborah Gonzalez is everywhere in the community, and everywhere she goes she speaks truth to power, even when it is difficult. She is our future District Attorney because she marries understanding of community history, community need, and our justice system in a way that no one else in our community can. I am proud to support her.” Mariah Parker, Athens-Clarke County Commissioner, District 2 

“I stand with Deborah Gonzalez for DA because I know that she understands the systemic change we need in our criminal justice system, to make it accountable and fair for all communities. She is committed to fairness for everyone under the law, which black and brown communities have historically not been afforded.” Rep. Renitta Shannon, HD84

“Criminal Justice Reform is sweeping the country from the White House to the Georgia Golden Dome and our local municipalities. I endorse Deborah Gonzalez because I believe that Deborah will be a strong prosecutor. She has demonstrated that her policies will not cuddle criminals, even as she continues pursuing criminal justice reform through restorative justice models, smart sentencing practices, and equity in all prosecutions regardless of race, culture or income.”  Ovita Thornton, Athens-Clarke County Commissioner, District 9.

“I am happy to support Deborah Gonzalez for District Attorney because she has a record of transparent and community-engaged public service. I am confident that Deborah will bring to the D.A. position a transformative, policy-driven vision for a more restorative justice system aimed at redressing the deep wounds caused by the racist system of mass incarceration.” Briana Bivens, Community Organizer, Athens

“I am proud to endorse Deborah Gonzalez for District Attorney. She has the moral character, legal experience and ability, and commitment to serve others that will ensure justice for all in Athens-Clarke County.” Rep. Sam Park, HD101

“I believe it vital to elect visionary leaders who are willing to be a courageous voice for their community. I am endorsing Deborah Gonzales for District Attorney because she has proven her ability to be intentional in listening to and creative in planning with multiple communities.  Deborah is someone who I trust completely if she says she will do something, she always follows through and takes action.  As a trained mediator, I have witnessed Deborah’s skills with working in stressful and challenging situations, and each time I am inspired by her ability to effectively create a space where groups are able to work through the challenges at hand.  When thinking of a courageous voice to represent my family and community, Deborah Gonzalez is the visionary leader we need as our District Attorney.” Andrea Wellnitz, Oconee

“I am proud to endorse Deborah Gonzalez for District Attorney of the Western Judicial Circuit of Georgia.  Her focus on ensuring fairness and justice in criminal prosecutions is timely, efficient and appropriate.” Art Gambill, Attorney